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In the midst of all the imperfections, frailties, and disarray that pervade in and around us, something beautiful and divine can still be arise. There is hope that order will rise in chaos, and harmony amidst dissonance. 


My choice to work mainly with Saguran fabric and, more recently, Sterling board is largely inspired by both its physical properties and social significance. Unlike the traditional canvas and wood panels, the Saguran's rough open weave and knots in random spots, as well as the Sterling boards’ coarse and variegated wood pattern, create a space to explore the beguiling tension between chaos and order, distortion and perfection, harmony and dissonance. These nuances and seeming imperfections of the surface, alongside the rigid and straight lines that are later marked on the foreground, make the creative process an exciting journey. Each piece responds differently even to the same medium and technique. Sometimes it absorbs, other times it pushes back, generating a sense of uncertainty and anticipation that stimulates artistic experimentation and conversation along the creative journey.

Sterling board is a construction material that is typically used as support or under-layer for walls, floors and roof sheathing. It is generally left unseen after the final construction work is complete. We never see them and yet without them, some of the places we love and enjoy, or perhaps call home, may not actually exist. Using the Sterling board as centerpiece of the work is a celebration of the many unsung heroes in our lives - those who stay behind the scenes and generally go unnoticed, and yet are so essential in our daily lives.

Finally, Saguran is handwoven by artisan weavers from the Philippines using raffia fiber, a 100% eco-friendly material from the young sheaths of the Buri palm. My use of Saguran is also a celebration of my Filipino heritage, allowing me to explore new horizons without ever losing touch with the place I first called home. 

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