Painted on an unstretched roll of Sinamay (approximately twenty feet in length), which was then washed, wrung, and dried. The fabric was unfolded to only about six feet, keeping the wrinkles and creases, allowing layers to overlap, as well as create crests and troughs on both the surface and edges of the final work. This entire process was all intentional to illustrate that the journey of life is never a linear movement (that is why it is not a stretched canvas), sometimes we go back and repeat history (hence the overlapping folds and creases), there are triumphs and defeats (evidenced by the ebb and flow on the fabric), and that through it all, we have the faithful and constant individuals who stand with us all the way (crimson running from one end to another).

Tapestry of a Journey
Acrylic on Sinamay
28 x 72 inches

Sinamay fabric is made of Abaca fibre, a 100% eco-friendly material, handwoven by artisan weavers from the Philippines.

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